CCNEWS y CCSUR, 29/06/2016


As part of its Corporate Social Responsibility program, named Teaming, CAT Technologies made its 50th donation, to Asociación Corazones Abiertos, located in the district of San Martin, Buenos Aires.


Teaming is an international practice based on micro-grants donated by the employees to support low-income people, through institutions that don´t have enough incomes to settle their needs. Per each 100 pesos donated by the teamers, the company donates another 100 pesos, increasing the amount.


Laura Serafini, CSR coordinator said: “We keep on growing in social responsibility, inspiring solidarity and union in our people. We have already collaborated with 50 institutions, got to know 50 stories and received more than 50 smiles and hugs”.


Additionally, being this a special occasion, the company doubled 200% of the donations for the beneficiary institution, which also received non-perishable food and industrial gastronomic appliances.


CAT’s voluntaries considered that being able to invest their time in the delivery of the donations is the more relevant part of the action. Luciana Meijome, Back Office, shared her own experience: “I enjoyed being in this special donation, as it was so gratifying helping so many people. I loved the kids` smiles and sharing the stories of every person in the institution”.


Mariana Artoni, Controller, said that “donating is not giving away what you no longer use or what’s left, donating is giving a little of what you have without expecting anything in return. I`m grateful for being part of this, Teaming is a practice that we made ours”.


After making 50 donations, the company and its volunteers maintain their commitment to continue working with those institutions with limited resources, delivering non-perishable food, hygiene items, artifacts and / or construction materials.


In conclusion, CAT Technologies made its own the international practice of Teaming and by doing this special donation, reassures its solidarity effort with the people who need it the most.

En definitiva, CAT Technologies hizo propia la práctica internacional Teaming y luego de haber realizado esta donación especial, reafirma su esfuerzo solidario con los más necesitados.