sfigueirasSilvia Figuerias



CCNEWS, 11/10/2016


We usually relate the contact center industry with a field that offers students their first job. However, CAT Technologies also gives employment to “other young people”, like Silvia Figueiras, who entered the company when she turned 61.

We were privileged enough to interview this 66 years old woman, who not only is an enterprising person but also is full of energy and optimism, a proven example that the age is the attitude we have.

During her lifetime, Silvia had an intensive career path in several fields. She even got a trip to the Caribbean as recognition for her achievements in a sales company. However her last employment didn´t have a happy ending, the firm where she worked went bankrupt just when her life partner passed away.

“In spite of bad things happening, I always try to look at the bright side of life and find a way to keep on going”, said Silvia (and we believe her), who after searching for a job (more than a year and a half), she found CAT Technologies. “For a long time I`ve been sending resumes, they called me interested in my experience, but then I wouldn´t get hired because of my age”, she remembered.

“Until I was lucky to send a resume to CAT and they gave me this chance. I am immensely grateful to them for taking into account not only my age but also my work and life experience”. Silvia also confessed that she would love if others businessmen could change their minds by following CAT`s example, as there are many old people who need a job.

“I am surrounded by young people who make me feel useful” trusted us the agent who takes part in an insurance campaign.

Besides employment, what else did this company give you? “They gave me kindness. It also helped me being a very reachable person who opens up easily.  I can talk to a new employee the same as to the company directors”. “I know how to earn my position, always with respect and values, which I apply daily in my job, as I am a brand ambassador”, she remarked.

Silvia thinks that everything is about one`s attitude, “waking up and facing each day in an optimistic way, with a leadership mind, will be transmitted to others. The result will always be positive if you can achieve that”.

“When I started this job I came back to life, having another reason to keep on fighting. I`ve been working since I was 14. I never stopped doing it, not even after being mother of 3 children. It keeps me young”, she says excitedly. “I`m not the conventional or traditional mother, but they see me lively so they are happy”, she pointed out proudly.

“With my grandchildren we chat on Whatsapp. I live alone and I`m very independent. Go to the gym, practice American dance; even though I prefer the classic American style, I`m learning the American rock nowadays and it´s amazing!, she told us.

Regarding her work at the company, Silvia says: “working for me is essential, telephone communications allow you to develop a special psychology. If you ask me about my secret I can tell you that I try to be emphatic, I care about the others”.  When asked about her future in the company she affirmed that would like to keep on growing, as she has plenty to offer and would like to have the opportunity of doing other tasks.