javierlobosJavier Lobos

Management Coordinator, San Luis` office


CCNEWS, 23/12/2016

Javier Lobos, Management Coordinator at CAT Technologies in San Luis, is the ideal protagonist to prepare a balance of 2016 and outline the expectations for an imminent 2017.

 “2016 was a very good year, even better than 2015. Our dotation grew in a 34%. Nowadays we have 290 employees, and we also promote some employees, which is crucial to keep people motivated and to achieve good working conditions”, explained Lobos, and then added: “We had promoted agents to training staff and supervisors too and that was due to the progress of new accounts, insurances sales mainly”.

The interviewee started his career in 2008 as Technology Director and, while acknowledging that he sometimes misses doing research on innovation tools, he also said that it is a great challenge to be able to observe all areas to help finding solutions that improve the internal processes. «During my leadership I try to attend and collaborate with our employees so they feel free to think and create. I try not to give so many orders, but to help everyone to work and feel comfortable«, he explained.

Regarding expectations for 2017, CAT Technologies’ Management Coordinator highlighted the intention to continue growing and to work on value-added proposals for current clients, always focusing on quality and results: «2017 may be a year when we surpass 34%. One of our main objectives is to make intelligence based on our social networks in order to get to know our users. We are also working on a solution that allows us to work together with customers so our business can grow. «

According to his vision on the Social Media, Lobos revealed: «Our approach to social media is not to make so much emphasis on Customer Care, but on Analytics. The goal is to obtain additional information about consumers in order to make intelligence based on the networks` data. During 2016 we created an in-house development department to generate tools that enhance the value proposition towards customers«. He also added:» This team developed an intranet, mobile applications and a new automatic reporting platform, which was fundamental to improve our internal communication«.

CAT Technologies landed in San Luis almost 3 years ago, getting installed in the modern city of La Punta, through the acquisition of PuntaCall. Its commitment to excellence and its avid expansion has allowed the company to triple its staffing, becoming the largest employer in San Luis, and one of the main brands in an area that offers great evolution opportunities in the near future.