CCNEWS, Contact Centers y CCSUR, 05/05/2016


CAT Technologies launched a new internal tool called CATNET. Produced entirely by the company, it is meant to optimize productivity and strengthen engagement with its employees.

The implementation of this relevant social network helps to improve working procedures and allows employees to exchange information immediately and safe, building a collaborative environment.

Additionally, it is focus on the operational inclusion: “In the platform we share information and contents in a centralized way – explains Javier Lobos, Manager Coordinator at CAT San Luis -. As a result we reassure that the communication is even, consistent and inclusive, which strengthens the sense of belonging”.

Platform developers think that “the users are becoming more interested in the Intranet and its communication tools. Its impact has been a positive one, creating a stimulating feedback between the staff and us, improving all functionalities”.

Furthermore, within the next 4 weeks will be available the mobile app for IOS and Android, that along with the desktop version will allow the employees to be connected everywhere and at anytime. Therefore, CAT Technologies creates a new web community that enhances internal bonds in a dynamic, inclusive and interactive manner.