Miguel Di Lorenzo

Miguel Di Lorenzo
HR manager

CCSUR, 11/03/2015


CAT TECHNOLOGIES management is based on efficient human actions and aimed at satisfying our customers´ expectations consistently with our context.

We are talking about people communicating with each other based on guidelines agreed with third parties. The essence of our work is predominantly human: this is our main focus, human interactions!

Of course technology is the means, know-how is very important and other associated resources are vital. Without all of them reaching goals would be a chimera in the same way a race car needs a great vehicle and a very good technical team backing him up to win races: He offers his talent!

At CAT, we are focused on reaching goals and, at the Department of Human Resources, we select people with the required skills. And our current challenge is twofold: first, train applicants and secondly, to surpass the increasing requirements indicated by our customers based on high performance international standards.

To this end, we are constantly developing new initiatives aimed at achieving these challenges by promoting a comfortable work environment where every employee feels proud of belonging, knowing that every day is gaining more employability, and therefore -by being better prepared- is able to project himself towards his professional future.

Our people feel that CAT is a great place to work, and to encourage that, we are implementing effective programs with the purpose of recognizing their achievements and guiding them in their career development, such as:

  1. Outstanding Employee Program: rewards employees with high performance
  2. Meetings with our CEO: where everyone can talk to the CEO.
  3. Employee Referral Program: which facilitates the hiring of recommended friends of our employees.
  4. Suggestions Program: young people today seek to be heard and to feel part -not just being a resource- in their workplace; everyone contributes by sharing ideas and each one has a say.
  5. Internal Recruitment: most of our leaders and supervisors were promoted from our operating areas.
  6. Personal Care: this includes meditation sessions and health talks.
  7. CSR-Teaming: for every argentine peso donated by our staff, the company also contributes with the same amount; and with that double sum, we run Social Responsibility actions.
  8. Organizational Gifts for our employees’ birthdays.
  9. Feast-day celebrations: Spring day, New Year, Mother’s day, among others.
  10. Workshops on leadership and coaching to improve and develop human teams.


These are some of the actions we are now running. Since the market and the People´s organization are very dynamic, we constantly innovate based on what we detect on a daily basis because change is permanent. At CAT we are referents to many young people who consult us and at the same time they are heard and become an active part in the development of the company.

It is a great responsibility because 1,700 people of different generations work at Cat in our 3 work sites. We contribute to improve their life quality in physical, mental and emotional terms for the purpose of their work fulfillment and spiritual happiness.

We know the turnover average in our labor segment is high, and therefore we offer tools to achieve genuine staff loyalty, from a telemarketer towards his/her team leader, towards his/ her team and the company. For this purpose, trust, mutual respect and fellowship are essential: it is then that people give the best of themselves.

We keep track of what happens to them, in their personal and family life, and in their environment. We constantly pay attention to the infrastructure of our modern break rooms, we make sure that everything works well, from refrigerators, table soccer and chairs to snacks vending machines and air conditioning so that we all feel comfortable working at CAT as a big family.

Originality, integration, diversity and a human approach are the main principles we rely on to cooperate as a great team in order to achieve our ORGANIZATION´S goals: a People’s organization.