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CCNEWS y CCSUR, 07/06/2016


CAT Technologies celebrates the 2nd anniversary of its operational center at Parque Informático La Punta, San Luis.

The last two years, the company showed its commitment by the implementation of several projects and the creation of new job positions, having consolidated its progression in the communication field.

“Due to its high professional level and its innovative business culture, CAT has become the main employer in the city of La Punta, increasing its staff 106% since its arrival”, told us Javier Lobos, manager at CAT Technologies in San Luis.

Javier Serafini, CAT Technologies CEO, said: “La Punta was designed to be a city of the XXI century, combining technology, nature and urban planning. The provincial government is carrying out a management, which is similar to our innovative vision, oriented to provide solutions with high added value”.

Additionally, the exchange of practices and knowledge between the different departments in Buenos Aires and San Luis strengthened the integration among teams, providing efficient operational synergies.

Therefore, CAT Technologies among its three operational centers – two in Buenos Aires and one in San Luis – strengthens its position in the national market and its experience as a World Class service supplier of Business Process Outsourcing.