Esteban CorsoEsteban Corso

Operations Director at CAT Technologies



  1. What`s your vision of the contact center industry during 2015? What`s your balance?

Over 2015, the industry continued its progress into the business of Digital Marketing for Customer Services, adding a variety of channels where companies can bond with their users. Even though this year was conditioned by financial and political issues, clients could perceive good results in digital practices, being motivated to keep on investing resources in that field.

CAT Technologies` annual balance was a positive one, reaching an increment of 20% in its operational capacity, all over the country.

Furthermore, we gained efficiency: increasing our results and volume, after having incorporated specific technology to develop new businesses (such as multichannel, workforce, digital marketing, etc.).


  1. Which were your company`s achievements during this period?

 One of our main achievements was opening a new office in Buenos Aires, which allowed us to grow 20%. Furthermore, we also enlarged our operational capacity a 20% in the interior regions, using 100% of it immediately.

In 2015, our company managed to achieve excellent results with customers that had joined us through 2014, developing this accounts by increasing their volume and improving our services.


  1. What is your vision of the market towards the year 2016?

 In my opinion, 2016 will be a good year for the contact center industry, not only because of the financial adjustments that were needed and the investment increment, but also the expectations in the medium-and-long term are much more foreseeable.

Regarding the services, there are customers who are now willing to immerse themselves in the new technologies and embrace more communication channels, in order to keep on developing their business. The field earned by companies, who are leading the experiences in social media, became an example to show how the industry is progressing and persuade other companies to join them.


  1. What`s the role of the current economic and politic climate?

 In 2015, as in previous years, private investment was considerable diminished, affecting every business and industries. This was the result of economic and political policies of the outgoing government over the years. Uncertainty and aimlessness in certain measures, discouraged companies to run all the risks they could in their investment plans. Already in 2015, many companies forecast a politic change of flag, which gave them greater expectations to return to the path of investment and business progress from 2016 to the future.


  1. Do you believe that the market opening will affect this industry? Why and How?

It`s presented as an opportunity, providing that companies increase their investment, keeping in mind to prevent possible damage to the local industry such as import services. To add value to our services, to ensure service levels and a non-stop efficiency search, is what encourages companies to hire services in Argentina, instead of choosing other countries where the exchange rate and cost seem more convenient, without being reflected in the results.


  1. Which are the trends in the contact center sector?

Contact center will go further into looking for a bigger satisfaction in Customer Service Experience. Each purchase, query, and complain represents an opportunity to build loyalty with a customer or to lose it. Local sector will surely advance in services that require human resources with a better performance and diverse abilities. Services that have qualified human resources, specific technology for blending, social networks and multiple skills are fundamental to face the future and make a difference in the market.


  1. Which are the goals and challenges for the income year?

 Our goals for 2016 include rising our operational volume, adding new clients and diversifying services with current customers. For this reason, at CAT we work not only to achieve our goals, but also to amaze our customers with business and strategic proposals focused on their growth.

Our main challenge is to expand services through social networks and digital marketing in every operation and field.

Another priority is to renew our partners` trust and remain being an attractive option for those who want to progress in this industry. To promote and consolidate the company ongoing commitment with its employees and vice versa, is crucial to achieve our goals.