Pablo Chanampa

Pablo Chanampa



CCNEWS, 04/02/2016



“I started working for CAT Technologies in 2005, as an agent for the company Personal – that was growing a lot back then -, six months later I got promoted to team leader”, told us Pablo Chanampa.

Later on, I was transferred to a new campaign and became supervisor. “Eleven years after, I am running a campaign for Cablevisión-Fibertel, where I`m in charge of 260 agents, with 10 leaders among them. Even though the routine is similar to those days, our structure became much bigger”.

What changes did you notice in the contact center business during these 11 years? “There were plenty of changes, for example we expanded, became more organized and improved our work quality. I have always been independent at work, but I can see that nowadays we are more organized and results oriented”, trusted us CAT Technologies’ supervisor.

A typical day… “In the morning, I meet with the leaders to discuss the updates: how we are approaching the results, sharing news or changes. Then we focus on the goals that are being pursued through the day. We also have our daily issues, being more or less hard, which makes the routine disappear” shared Pablo.

What was the best thing that happened to your career last year? “One of the best things that happened was related to accomplish the goals of a very tough campaign. We were also able to reach people, in a confident way, through our products and could achieve the goals of our team thanks to an excellent working-relationship. That was the most positive thing”, he answers without hesitation.

What do you like the most and the least at work? “I enjoy that no day is the same as the previous one and also relationships: talking to new people, working with a team that I already know and help them to achieve their goals. What I don´t like so much is the most structure work, mainly the administrative tasks, as I`d rather work with people”.

After being working for eleven years in the business you can easily be considered as a referent. What advice would you give to those who are just starting? “What I always say, when I give a speech to the beginners, is to enjoy every day. This is a nice work as they are surrounded by people of the same age, so they usually become closer. As well, I strongly remark the agents not to take anything personal, in this job you are permanently in contact with the client, so sometimes we can expect some answers that aren`t nice, but are never directed to the operator. Last but not least, I remind them to be ambitious; there are always plenty of opportunities, some as leaders and others in the quality area. Even if they look for another job in the future related to their studies field, they can always use what they had learnt in the contact center”, summed up Pablo.