TeamingCCSUR, 17/06/2015

The BPO services provider announced that as part of its Corporate Social Responsibility project which started 4 years ago, the company handed over 350.000 Argentinian Pesos through 40 donations to institutions that are actively engaged in social and economical improvement of those who need it most.  These solidarity actions, which are driven by the company through its Marketing & Communication Department, are part of an international initiative called Teaming, which has the following mechanics: for each 100 Argentinian Pesos donated by employees, the company added another 100, thus doubling the amount of donations.

The latest donation was made to the Civil Association «Son Risas para Los Chicos» where Martin Ferreira, its president mentioned what it meant for them to receive collaboration: «CAT’s help represents so much for us. With this large amount of non-perishable food, we can help families who are not able to cover their minimum food needs”.

This solidarity initiative expresses our organizational culture essence and is in line with the proactive commitment assumed by our employees, who contribute in an economical way and also donate their time as volunteers in the management of donations, without expecting anything in return» said Juliana Costa , Head of Marketing & Communication. In view of the results achieved, the company is developing new practices that strengthen the guiding concept of Teaming. Accordingly, Cat recently launched an internal action called “I ‘m Teaming”, which recognizes and thanks those employees who make this project possible each month. Thus, CAT Technologies consolidates its social commitment by focusing on attending issues that arise in non-profit institutions, with the increasingly significant support from its people.