nota-santander-rioCCNEWS, Contact Centers y CCSUR, 31/05/2016


We participate, alongside with Santander Rio Bank, in the meeting of Fundación Leer, aimed to encourage the habit of reading in different schools. This allowed us to live a new experience with our customer Santander Rio Bank within the framework of Corporate Social Responsibility.


As part of our supportive commitment, we added voluntaries in the action that took place at Escuela Nº 6,Nuestra Señora de la Merced”, from San Justo and at Escuela Nº 75, “Naciones Unidas”, from Claypole.


The half-day activity consisted of reading stories to children aged 5 and 6, who enjoyed fantastic tales. After the activity, we left the books at the school so each child was able to kept one.


Alongside with our team members, the children wrote their names and were extremely thankful.


“I am proud to be part of this company that joins its strengths with another big company such as Santander Rio, to install the habit of reading since an early age. We are very thankful for the opportunity of helping”, told us Sebastian Giuliani from CAT Staff department.


“It was such an energy renewal. Being able to be their teacher, just for a while, it filled me with love and tenderness”, shared us Liliani Lorenzo from CAT Recruitment department. Without excitation, not only for the company but also for every people involved, it was a very enriching experience.
At CAT Technologies we continue to encourage our philosophy of collaborating with those who need it the most. Since 2010, we carry on an international practice called Teaming, which consists in micro-donations aimed to help people with lower incomes. In this campaign CAT Technologies duplicates every amount that the employee donates.


This new supportive initiative means another step into our commitment with society. We doubled efforts align with our corporate values and we keep on adding enriching experiences whose results are getting better each time.