Brenda Aiello

Brenda Aiello



CCNEWS, 09/08/2016


Having been in the industry for 11 years, Brenda Aiello confessed that although she is doing an architecture career, she is unable to imagine her future without working in a Call Center, as it´s the only job she`s ever done. CAT Technologies’ general supervisor highlighted the essential qualities a leader should have, and explained why she feels so passionate about her work.

“I’ve been in CAT for 6 years, my previous 5 were in bank campaigns. Being very young, I became a leader, when I had my first group of agents at 19. I will never forget that day”, Aiello tells, and then she keeps on explaining: “I was so nervous; poured myself a cup of coffee but couldn´t even drink it. I didn´t know how I was going to deal with this new responsibility, but at the end I came to enjoy it very much. It was a campaign that was just starting, with a group of 16 people, where everyone was brand new. We got to know each other and shared many challenging experiences.”

Brenda remarked that some of the leadership biggest challenges were to create a pleasant work environment and coming with solutions to specific problems. In addition, she added that her efforts were rewarded when she began to observe the individual and collective growth of her agents, who, in many cases, went from having no work experience to achieving or exceeding their monthly goals.

The interviewed pointed out that a good work environment, which is a leader`s responsibility, is one of the basic aspects for an excellent team: «I like to create work groups where everyone knows each other, where there is fellowship and inclusion. It is key to work as a team, to attend each other, to share tasks. At CAT we have theme nights, incentives, motivations, games … You spend more time at work than at home, and if you do not put a bit of something personal, it becomes monotonous. It is necessary that everyone contributes with something so that every day is different «.

«What I like the most about this work is that it forces you to be in constant movement, it does not allow you to stay still. You have to change and adapt constantly, because you work with people who are evolving. You need to understand how the older people think, the younger one and you have to learn to grow with them, «said the General Supervisor.» There is nothing more gratifying than sharing success, and the more you grow, there`s more people to share it with. That’s why in 10 years’ time, I imagine myself doing the same work, but with more agents and campaigns.»

Besides working as a General Supervisor in CAT, Aiello is in the 3rd year of the Architecture career and, although she does not see a deep relationship between both disciplines, she considers that group dynamics in a Call Center require an strategic design, perseverance and proactivity to achieve a collective construction.