We have a Chatbot platform designed to streamline operations and improve user experience.

Our Virtual Assistant Chatbot assists you through the following channels: Facebook, FB Messenger, Telegram, Twitter, Web and WhatsApp.

This technology is part of the evolution in our wide range of services and it is complemented by the traditional ones. It allows to set and operate a mix bot assistance agent, which reduces consulting time implementing artificial intelligence and natural language recognition technology, for the automation of conversations, allowing to determine user intention, answering frequently asked questions and transactional requests and recurring orders from customers.

This new generation service, 100% customizable, complements our offer and expands the range of reach of our customer attention services, customer service, social media and telemarketing management, among others, channeling frequent queries and forwarding them to a physical agent, reducing assistance time and offering a dynamic omnichannel experience.

The virtual assistant is ideal for companies of different sizes in need of resolving important volumes of frequent queries. This solution allows to assist customers quickly, to provide a transactional channel for the resolution of requests and to generate brand promoters.

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