Global presence

Presencia Global

Buenos Aires, Argentina: Main Office & Delivery Centers
La Punta, San Luis, Argentina: Delivery Center
Montevideo, Uruguay: Delivery Center
Sao Paulo, Brazil: Sales Office
Bogotá, Colombia: Delivery Center
Miami, USA: Sales Office
Madrid, Spain: Sales Office


CAT and the Bestshore Outsourcing

We focus on delivering the best ROI to our clients through optimizing costs and applying global management practices and the best operational performance.
We offer our clients the opportunity to
centralize their operations in HUB cities,
to define the location and the most suitable
environment for their businesses.

We offer our clients different locations, depending on the required degree of integration with their in-house operations and the target market.

Global practices generate continuous benchmark of processes and operations. Thus, the efficiency and positive results grow naturally, allowing us to replicate the best practices of a country or vertical industry to another.